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Senior Voting Officer Position Summary

Elections Manitoba is an independent office of the Legislative Assembly responsible for delivering free and fair provincial elections. All employees with Elections Manitoba (EM) must be non-partisan in perception and fact, and sign a confidentiality agreement.

Position description

The Senior Advance Voting Officer (SAVO) is responsible for greeting advance voters at the local election office, asking them for official identification and directing them to the advance polling station. The SAVO is responsible for collecting all Advance Voting Lists of Voters (Form 508) and providing copies to all advance voting locations, and candidates an ensuring that voters lists are kept up to date.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assists in the flow of voters each day of advance voting in all local election offices
  • Available as an emergency fill in for a voting official at any advance location until a stand by team arrives
  • Greet the voter and ask them to have their identification ready for the voting officer
  • When there is a potential for voter line ups, stepping in to assist the voting process by finding the voter’s name on the voters list and noting the polling station number and voter name number on a Form 534
  • Each night after the close of voting during advance, collects copies of advance voting lists (Form 508) from all advance polling stations
  • Daily, making copies of all advance voting lists (Form 508) for each advance polling station and each candidate
  • Ensures that before voting begins each morning, the voters lists for all advance polling stations are updated by striking off the names of all voters from advance, as well as from homebound and absentee voting
  • If an additional SAVO is required for assistance outside of the local election office, the position will be called Field SAVO and responsibilities will be determined by the RO and confirmed by EM


  • Competent and reliable
  • Experience dealing with the public
  • Knowledge of the electoral division
  • Must be an eligible voter in the electoral division where employed as a SAVO
  • Must be available to work a 14 hour day (7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.) during Advance
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Persons with a criminal record incurred in the last 5 years do not qualify


You will be required to attend Senior Voting Officer Training. Training times, dates and locations will be provided.


  • Senior Voting Officer - $275.00 per day
  • Training - $50

A T4 slip is issued for money earned.

Email: election@elections.mb.ca election@elections.mb.ca | Tel 204-945-3225 204-945-3225 | Toll free 1-866-628-6837 1-866-628-6837

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