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Each lesson below includes multiple activities and all materials. Lessons use the strategies of activating, acquiring, applying and debriefing to engage students. Curriculum connections are given for each lesson. You can download the lessons below or contact us to request a hard copy.

Grades 4 to 6 – Elections Past and Present (PDF, 1.2 Mo)
Explore the history of the electoral process in Manitoba and experience the impact of being deprived of the right to vote. Students will learn and reflect on the story of Nellie McClung.

Grade 6 – Why Vote? (PDF, 1.5 Mo)
Students brainstorm and use consensus-building techniques to reflect on the value of voting. They also use problem-solving skills to address reasons for not voting.

Grade 6 – The Importance of the Voters List (PDF, 920.9 Ko)
Students learn who is eligible to vote and how the voters list is essential to democracy. Effective representation and its importance for voters is also discussed.

Grade 6 – Gathering and Assessing Information (PDF, 1.1 Mo)
This lesson explores the importance of gathering information from multiple sources. Students learn that voters have a responsibility to educate themselves in order to make an informed choice.

Grade 6 – Political Parties and Independent Candidates (PDF, 1.1 Mo)
Students participate in activities that illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of making decisions independently and as part of a group.

Grade 9 - Expanding the Right to Vote and Youth Participation (PDF, 1 Mo)
Only men who owned property were eligible to vote in Manitoba’s first election. As they learn how voter eligibility expanded, students discuss why youth may choose not to vote.

Grade 9 – Representation, Voters List and Eligibility (PDF, 3.2 Mo)
Students learn how the Manitoba Voter Register supports free, fair and accessible elections. The concept of effective representation through a consistent ratio of voters to MLAs is explored.

Grade 9 and 11 – Impact of Participation in Elections (PDF, 777.7 Ko)
Students experience their power to influence the opinions of others through debate and discover the importance of participation.

Grade 11 – Critical Thinking (PDF, 2.8 Mo)
Students learn how to analyze information and apply the process to an election.

Grade 11 – Election Preparation (PDF, 705.3 Ko)
How do candidates prepare for an election? What does Elections Manitoba need to do to be ready? Students identify the factors to consider and the steps to take.

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