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Financial Reporting

Financial disclosure is a key part of a free and fair electoral system. Political participants report contributions, expenses and financial transactions to Elections Manitoba's Chief Electoral Officer. This section provides an overview of the financial reporting requirements outlined in The Election Financing Act.

Financial statements and returns are public information and are available for inspection at Elections Manitoba. Statements and returns are also posted to this section for online viewing by the public.

Financial statements and returns from political participants are filed as follows:

Election Returns

  • Election campaign financial statements for candidates and parties, due within four months after election day (forms 922 , 921)

Annual Reporting

  • Annual financial statements for registered parties, due within three months of the end of each calendar year (form 920 )
  • Yearly financial statements from constituency associations (form 924 )
  • Annual candidate and leadership contestant outstanding liabilities and loan status reports (forms 925 , 949)

Leadership Contestants

  • Leadership contest financial statement, due within 30 days after a leadership contest period (form 947 )
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