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Everyone must show ID to vote. Voters who are on the voters list but don’t have the required ID may have someone vouch for them.

Option 1 :

One piece of government-issued photo ID with your current address.

Examples include:

  • Driver's license
  • Manitoba identification card

Option 2 :

Two documents that include your name.

Examples include:

See a complete list of acceptable ID (PDF, 73.1 Ko).

Voters on the voters list who do not have ID may have another voter with ID from their electoral division Vouch for them.

If your name is not on the voters list, you will be asked to take an oath.

If none of your ID includes your address, you will be asked to sign a voter registration form.

Vouching is the practice of one registered voter affirming the identity of another registered voter who does not have acceptable ID, but wishes to vote.

If your name is on the voters list but you do not have ID, you may have another voter with ID from your electoral division vouch for you. Vouching is acceptable only if your name is on the voters list.

The person vouching for you must sign an oath affirming your identity.

Vouching may be done on election day, but not during advance voting.

A voter may only vouch for one other voter.

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