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The process used by a registered party to select a leader.

The party must notify Elections Manitoba that a contest will be held. They must file a form indicating the date of the contest and the date of the vote, and another form providing information about each contestant.

Each registered party sets out its own rules for eligibility to run.

The leadership contest period begins on the date set out on the required form. For reporting purposes, the contest period ends two months after the vote, or the day a contestant withdraws.

Elections Manitoba does not set limits on spending in a leadership contest. Individual parties may set rules or limits regarding spending.

Yes. They must file an audited statement with Elections Manitoba that includes income and contributions, expenses during the contest period, assets and liabilities, and names of individuals who contributed $250 or more during the contest period.

Only individuals who are residents of Manitoba may contribute to a leadership contestant. No contributions are allowed from organizations or corporations.

There is a limit of $3,000 per contributor per contest period. Contributors may donate to more than one contestant.

Individual parties set their own rules regarding the conduct of a leadership contest. This includes who may vote and how the leader is determined

Further questions? Contact the registered party or Elections Manitoba.

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