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Teaching Citizenship, Democracy & Participation in Elections

Your Power To Choose is an integrated education program developed by Elections Manitoba with valuable input from education professionals. The program includes a curriculum guide with hands-on activities, in-class workshops and resources for running student elections.

Your Power To Choose:

  • creates life-long learning skills and the habit of participation among Manitoba youth
  • integrates the complete election experience with Manitoba’s grades 6, 9 and 11 social studies curricula
  • adapts to many other classroom and learning levels, particularly grades 4 and 5
  • focuses on interactive learning - students learn how to make informed choices, experience the impact and power of their choices
  • features handouts, worksheets and support materials such as ballot boxes and voting screens

Click to Download Part 1 and Part 2 of the Your Power to Choose guide in English.


Your Power to Choose is supported by school workshops hosted by Elections Manitoba, recreating the four phases of the 'election experience' in the classroom. Includes:

  • hands-on activities, games and mock election
  • interactive style brings meaning to participation
  • dynamic and flexible - relevant to all learning levels

Workshops are approximately 1 ½ hours long and accommodate 25-30 students, but can be adapted to fit the needs of any classroom. No preparation is required.

Content links to the grades 6, 9, and 11 social studies curriculum outcomes, but workshops are available to any and all interested classes, including adult learners.

Our trained facilitators come to your classroom to deliver a fun, interactive workshop to your students. The mock election helps students experience the power of their own voice and the impact they can have on the community and the world around them.

“Very engaging! Every student had a role and felt that they contributed to the election. Language of presentation was at a level most if not all kids can follow.” Grade 5 teacher, Prairie Rose School

“Very engaging! Every student had a role and felt that they contributed to the election. Language of presentation was at a level most if not all kids can follow.” Grade 5 teacher, Prairie Rose School

“Informative, fun, engaging and very well run! Our presenter was clear in her goals and very encouraging to all the students.” – Grade 7 teacher, École Centennial School

“This worked great with what we were doing – a fun way to end our political unit. I hadn’t gone into the rights of when people were able to vote so that was a bonus! We are looking at human rights next – good transition.” – Grade 9 teacher, Arborg Collegiate]

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Your Power To Choose Adult Education Guide

  • All content links to the 9 Essential Skills, as outlined by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada
  • The lessons accommodate three learning levels, reflecting the stages of learning identified by Manitoba Advanced Education and Literacy
  • The Guide is divided into four phases, mirroring the different parts of the election experience
  • All lessons in the guide are adaptable and stand-alone; and they include all materials required to teach the lesson
  • The lessons are engaging and interactive, including an election trivia game and a mock election

Click to Download Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3 of the Your Power To Choose Adult guide in English.

Additional Resources

View Electoral Division maps.

Enhance student elections in your school

Elections Manitoba now provides a resource package for student election organizers. It includes the following tools to support the student voting experience.

  • Ballots
  • Ballot box
  • Voting screen
  • Election To Do Checklist
  • CD with forms and other support materials

Click here to download student elections materials

To request materials or for more information on the Your Power To Choose program, please contact us:

phone: 204-945-3225
toll-free: 1-866-628-6837
email: YourPowerToChoose@elections.mb.ca

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