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Constituency Associations

Constituency is another word for electoral division. Constituency associations are local branches of registered parties. They are recognized as a registered party's official association in a specific electoral division or organized at the community level to become a registered party's official association in an electoral division.

Currently, the Green Party of Manitoba, Manitoba Liberal Party, New Democratic Party of Manitoba, and the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba have constituency associations in Manitoba.

Constituency associations support registered parties and candidates at the community or grassroots level.

They are required under The Election Financing Act to file form 924, an unaudited annual financial statement, within 30 days of the end of each calendar year. This statement includes contributions totaling $250 or more received during the year, as well as any outstanding liability information. A separate statement is required for all contributions received during the year along with contributors' names and addresses. Constituency associations cannot issue receipts for income tax purposes.

A summary of contributions to constituency associations is available for the past 10 years. (PDF, 152.8 KB)

To review annual financial statements for constituency associations please choose from the links below.

Paper copies are also available for inspection at Elections Manitoba.

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