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Election Spending Limits

Spending limits ensure all political participants operate under fair and universally enforceable rules.

The amount a candidate or a party can spend during an election is limited by the The Election Financing Act in two ways:

  1. Total Election Expenses – the total value of election expenses incurred during an election period cannot exceed a predetermined amount. [ss. 51(1), 52(1)]
  2. Total Advertising Expenses – the total value of advertising expenses incurred during an election period cannot exceed a predetermined amount. [ss. 51(2), 52(2)]

Advertising election expenses are subject to a separate limit but are also included in the total election expenses limit. [s. 52(3)]

The election and advertising expense spending limits are calculated by multiplying two factors:

  • a spending limit per registered voter (known when an election is called)
  • the number of voters on the voters list in an electoral division (updated throughout the election period).


View the final spending limits for the 2016 general election.

Since the expense limits are based partially on the number of names on the final voters list, the spending limits will change as people register to vote. A minimum spending limit communicated on the day the writ is issued establishes the lowest level at which the expense limit may be set. While there are three subsequent limit calculations, unless these later limits exceed the minimum limit, the minimum limit will be used as the final spending limit amounts for the campaign.


Winnipeg Consumer Price Index (2 months prior to election call) divided by 118.6 (Winnipeg CPI January 2012) multiplied by the limit stated in the Act


Advertising Limit [ s.52(2) ] = $0.60 x[ CPI / 118.6 ] = $X (per registered voter)

Overall Limit [ s.52(1)(a) ] = $2.91 ($4.64*) x [ CPI / 118.6 ] = $X (per registered voter)

Registered Party

Advertising Limit [ s.51(2)(b) ] = $0.99 ($1.72**) x [ CPI / 118.6 ] = $X (per registered voter)

Overall Limit [ s.51(1)(b) ] = $1.92 ($3.45**) x [ CPI / 118.6 ] = $X (per registered voter)

* Adjusted per-voter limits are higher for electoral divisions having an area of 30,000 square miles or more.

** Party limits are adjusted for a byelection.

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