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Boundaries are reviewed every 10 years to ensure effective representation for all Manitobans. The Manitoba 2018 Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission submitted its final report establishing provincial electoral boundaries in December 2018. New boundaries went into effect for the 42nd provincial general election, held September 10, 2019.


Download maps and shape files:


Please click here to download the wall maps for Winnipeg (pdf) and Manitoba (pdf).

Shapefiles (zip) Winnipeg (zip) and Manitoba (zip)

Final electoral boundaries South Eastern Manitoba South Western Manitoba Northern Manitoba Winnipeg


Download PDF maps and shapefiles of electoral divisions with voting areas in effect for the 2019 general election. For maps, start by selecting a region of the province:

Download shapefiles:

Maps are provided for informational purposes only. Note the following:

  1. The voting area boundaries and associated maps relate only to the 42nd general election of September 10, 2019. Data for these maps is current as of election day. All information was believed to be accurate at the time, but is not guaranteed to be without error.
  2. Voting area boundaries and associated maps are prepared for internal operational purposes by Elections Manitoba.
  3. Voting area boundaries for subsequent and previous elections will differ from those displayed here. As such, these voting area maps cannot be used for comparative purposes with other elections.
  4. Electoral division boundaries are reviewed every 10 years under Manitoba’s Electoral Divisions Act. The current boundaries were set in 2018 by the Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission.
  5. Not all voting areas relate to a geographical location on the map. Votes cast using the following voting methods are not related to a location on the map: advance, homebound, absentee, personal security and institutional. For that reason, map-based results will not tally with the total number of votes cast within an electoral division.

Download maps and shape files of new (2018) boundaries:



See more information about the recent boundaries review on the Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission website.

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